The Demon God's Daughter
8 Not an Ordinary Child
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The Demon God's Daughter
Author :ellezar_g
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8 Not an Ordinary Child

[ Past: Hundred years ago...]

"What.... happened to my daughter? Her eyes... her blue eyes... became red." Eva stuttered from shock and disbelief.

Zu Wan did not know what he would respond to his wife Eva. Astonishment was visible to her eyes.

Eva immediately ran towards Zhen-Zhen with a worried expression on her lovely face.

"Zu Wan speak," Eva said with her stern voice, demanding for answers.

Zhen-Zhen looked at both her parents. She sensed that she did something wrong that caused her father to be in this predicament.

"Zhen-Zhen..." Zu Wan did not find the right words to continue what he was about to say.

He was freaking out right now. He felt so nervous to the extent that he wanted to flee just to avoid this kind of confrontation with his wife.

'I am sure, she will hate me once she finds out the truth that I am a demon god.'

'I don't want her to hate me or even our daughter Zhen-Zhen just because we have the same blood of a demon.'

'This is what I am afraid of.'

Zu Wan's mind was in turmoil right now. He could not look straight into his wife's eyes.

He knew that even if he lied to her at this moment, she would still able to see through his lies.

Seeing that Zu Wan was unwilling to speak, Eva heaved a sigh of disappointment.

She knew that her husband already knew about this, about their daughter's situation and he kept it from her.

"Alright, don't just stand there. Come and sit beside me." Eva said to the man who already froze on his spot.

Eva sighed deeply when she saw Zu Wan not moving on his spot.

"You don't need to hide it from me. I am also Zhen-Zhen's parent. I had known from the start that our daughter is not an ordinary child." She softly said to him.

Eva's statement awakened Zu Wan from the daze. He looked at her confusedly with his heart pounding rapidly on his chest.

'Did she also find out about my true identity? No... I think I am just thinking too much. She does not look mad at me.'

"Who had seen a four-month-old child who can stand and walk alone by herself? For that reason alone, I could see that our child has a special gift." Eva smiled as she glanced lovingly at Zhen-Zhen.

'Oh, That's it. This is what she meant. I thought she already knew my true identity as a demon god.' Zu Wan felt relieved because of that.

Now, he could finally relax. Zu Wan moved towards his wife and daughter. He sat down beside them.

"I am sorry about that. I am just worried that you will be shocked once you see her eyes changing their color. I could not even explain why it happened." Zu Wan explained his side, partly true but he was still keeping his secret.

As if Zhen-Zhen sensed that the pressured atmosphere between her father and mother a while ago suddenly disappeared, she let out soft giggles that made her parents turned to look at her.

As they stared at their daughter, Eva and Zu Wan noticed that Zhen-Zhen's eyes returned to their original color.

They both felt delighted as they saw Zhen-Zhen's blue eyes. "Oh, her eyes! They are back to being color blue!" Zu Wan exclaimed in excitement.

Zu Wan immediately hugged his cute little daughter. "Very good my dear little angel. Don't ever scare us once again. I really love your blue eyes. Please keep them that way."

Eva could not hold her laughter seeing how happy her husband right now. His terrified expression a while ago changed into a happy and bright one as if nothing happened.

She did not know why her husband became so terrified a while ago. Is he that guilty about hiding something from her?

Sometimes Evan could feel that Zu Wan was hiding something from her and but since she loved him so much she did not mind it.

She did not want to force him to talk. She wanted him to say it to her through his own initiative. And she was willing to listen.


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