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The Destiny Eclipsed
Author :Hoswin
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34 Ch 34

"That's not reality, it's just one of the possibilities of future, but till the day I'm standing alive I wouldn't let such a thing happen to my family of any one's family for that matter. Now I need all your help to keep this dream as just a possibility."

Hari assertively stated with eyes radiating absolute confidence and conviction.


"Hari why don't we just warn the government; with your connections, we might have real chances of turning the tides?"

Anil hesitantly stated, initially he bought Hari's Heroic idea but the last three hours gave him a rude awakening. The new reality they were gonna face was too horrifying and way over their heads.


"Anil did you really think I didn't consider alerting teacher? I'm not some hot-blooded fool who wants to play the hero game?

I'm certain nothing will truly convince them, if my teacher was just another person maybe we had a shot at it. But he's one of the powerhouses who runs the entire Ori Realm; with so much strength in his hand no matter how convincing my explanation it'll be useless.

'Power gives confidence but Over-confidence beget defeat' still nothing can be changed.

If I can't persuade then others are will be nothing but hopeless venture."

Hari explained with a hint of despondency; he really wished to borrow his teacher's hand. Anil quietened while others were eyed each other, as they muddled around. Hari didn't plan on wasting another second.

"Where was I again… Yeah, the Dream…I conclude that we have anywhere between 6 to 10 years before this catastrophe strikes us. But this is just an inference from my age in the dream. We need more concrete information to proceed and formulate anything useful.

This video has been prepared with maximum precision as humanely as possible. The main reason why I made this setup is for you guys to find as many clues as possible and write it on the board behind me."

Hari pointed at the enormous whiteboard hung on the wall. It occupied one wall of the Interrogation room; the room had a completely new makeover.

The gloomy dim-lit room was turned into bright refreshing setup. The room was empty and all the chairs were removed.

"This will be your task for the seven days, all you must only focus on this video. Put all other missions and jobs on hold, the focus must be on the video, and not our future plans or anything else. Before planning, we need information and this video is the only source."

"Anil just temporarily close our Auction House for the next week and all the employees will get a week of Paid Leave."

Hari sent out rapidly fired orders and everyone nodded.

"But Boss we're already on leave and many works have piled up....."

Anil uncertainly spoke up only to be immediately shut out.

"Anil just close the damn Auction House, Will you?"

Hari raised his voice and shut-off Anil. After a deep breath, he toned down a bit and continued.
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"I've been running through this dream in my mind over and over again. But my sentiments and attachments to my family are clouding my judgement.

So you guys are our only hope, don't get involved just spectate and keenly look out for details. With the fall of order, Law of Jungle triumphs where Might is Right. This will give way to crazy people fulfilling their twisted fantasy into reality, eroding the very foundation of humanity.

Do your best, here these fruits will numb your emotion for a while, use them wisely."

Hari passed on the tiny orange plums and indirectly handed down the arduous job to brothers, he was really powerless.

Days passed by, people were running up and down the Auction building.

Whiteboard hung on the walls were overflowing with data. Each of them jotted down their points and observation in a paper which was pinned to the whiteboard. Hari would visit the basement every six hours, and they never failed to amaze him. The sheer amount of information was the testament to commitment and resolve.

With Emotion Sealing Fruit's help, they all his brothers were spectating the video like emotionless movie critic eyeing every minute details and information. The Emotion Sealing Fruit created a seal around their emotion making them entirely rationale but it weakened with large emotional fluctuations.

Initially, it was only active for an hour but with practice, they manage to retain the seal throughout the video clip.

In fact, he used the fruit on the very morning this insane dream. Unfortunately, the Emotion Sealing Fruit proved ineffective on Hari's endeavour for new details with reliving the dream. He couldn't control his emotions when he knew his parents were going to die on his hands.

Since the dream was much real than reality itself; the fruit couldn't seal the emotional roller-coaster he went through.

One week later…..

11th November, Sunday, 2018

Once again, all of them were gathered in the basement.

"Priya you would've studied all the information what is your inference."

Unlike last time with Anil's newfound powers Hari didn't waste time going around asking others, he directly went to Priya.

'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' Hari learned this the hard way. He was hoping they would have some change in their perception during the long two years of interlude.

Priya pulled out a notepad and readout.

"The exact date of this event will be on the First of December 2030. Because…"

Just as she started, Hari interrupted.

"Sorry to interrupt but Priya you just state the observations no need for evidence or proofs."

Hari wasn't willing to waste any more time, he has been looking at this information for a week now, and he knew most concrete facts. He was looking for extrapolations and deductions, not the theories and assumptions behind each conclusion.

Priya understood his intent and scrolled down a few pages.

"There are Three Major Discoveries –

Firstly, The Root of Disaster and Evolution.

Source of Zombies - A deadly virus was present in the atmosphere as expected, the most worrying part is that evidence and facts point that the Zombification is a man-made disaster.

Evolution - Humanity as a whole is evolving with many new exotic powers. Still, they are failing to keep up with the pace of their foes – Beasts and Zombies

These two facts put together to lead us to a couple of presumptions.

One, the Virus was an act of a Mutant exacting his revenge on humanity.

Or this Virus is a mechanism went haywire which was developed by humanity to tackle the other evolving creatures with that mutant's help.

Or else the virus was simply a by-product of Nuclear explosion and a mutant.

We can come up with an endless number of possibilities, but it will always be a permutation with a Mutant.

The Mutant or Evolved human has released the virus onto earth either with or without malicious intent towards humanity."

Priya paused to catch a breath, then she walked to the wall adjacent to the whiteboard and switched a projector.


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