The Love That Remains
108 Your cards are lying again
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The Love That Remains
Author :Norah_Koch
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108 Your cards are lying again

Around 10 PM, Nam Jiyeon quietly makes way through the living room, trying not to catch her father's attention. Her father is watching television with his back to her. Her mother is making dinner. Because of that psychopath and that yellow sunflower, she's late.

"For those who are still in high school, the curfew is at 9 PM."

Her body becomes completely still. Her right leg is halfway to the first step of the stairs to her room. She squeezes her eyes shut. She's caught. Nobody can save her now.

She walks to him and sits beside him. She has a broad grin on her face. "Father, I am in the final year of high school. I am already 18. You should extend the time."

Her father eyes her quietly. "You little brat! Instead of asking for forgiveness, you are asking for an extension of the curfew. Na Young's mother called to ask whether Na Young would be staying at our home tonight."

Oops! She's caught.

Jiyeon tries to run away, but her father grabs her ear and twists it. "Father, it hurts... I won't do it again. I promise."

"Don't pull her ear too hard. It will come off." Her mother comes to save her. "She's a girl. Who will marry her if she only has one ear?"

Her father doesn't let go of her ear. "Jiyeon, first tell me. Where did you go?"

"Mother, save me!" Jiyeon looks at her mother will watery eyes. If she tells him that she made a short trip to another city to see a concert, she's dead.

But, her mother has different ideas. Seeing that her daughter isn't answering where she went, she is curious. "Did you go out with Si Woo?"

"Si Woo?" Her father furrows his brows deeply. He lets go of her ear. "Who is Si Woo?"

"Mother, don't say his name. He already broke up with me." JiYeon blurts out in anger. "He left me for another girl."

"When did you have a boyfriend?" His father grabs her other ear. "You have the guts to lie to me."

"When did he break up with you? Her mother is most upset to hear the news. "I thought that you would get married to him after you graduate."

"Marriage?" Her father twists her ear more. "Over my dead body! You were studying, but playing around with a boy."

Both father and mother have different plans for her. Jiyeon feels like she's going crazy. She will live without her ear at this rate.

"Father, please let go of my ear. I will study a lot. I will qualify the exam and become a detective. I promise that there won't be any man in my life again." Jiyeon promises her father with a desperate voice. "Just let me go this once."

"Detective like your father?" Her mother asks her with a low angry voice. "If you keep acting like a man, who will marry you. Choose a career that's more suitable for a girl."

Her father lets go of her red ear again and steps closer to his wife. "Why she can't become a detective? There were female detectives during my time. It's also a career for a woman."

"It's not safe." Her mother crosses her arms defiantly. "Look at her! You have been raising her like a man. You already have a son. You should raise him like a man."

Seeing that her parents are distracted, Jiyeon takes the opportunity to run upstairs. She knows that they won't argue for long. She curses Na Young in her mind. She should have never gone to the concert.

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She lies down on her bed and yawns. She checks her messages. There are a few requests from the girls. Should she continue doing these jobs? Sure, why not!

She opens the window. She looks around and sees a man standing on the other side of the road. She can't see his face clearly.

On the other side of the road, Choi Min Ho flicks the ashes on his cigarette. She is doing good so far. He glances at the tarot card in his other hand. Maybe, it's a false alarm. He puts the card in his pocket.

'Who is this man? He seems suspicious.'

He looks in the direction of the house. The girl is standing by the window and watching him. He purses his lips. Casually, he throws the cigarette on the ground and crushes it with his foot. He walks into the night.

"Keep living like this," He whispers to the wind. He's sure that she can't hear him.

It's been 15 years since his brother died. He's still carrying the weight of the promise that he made to his brother in the depth of the hell. He hasn't forgotten about the ghost he saw in the vision. Honestly, he doesn't want to meet the ghost. It's better if she never becomes a ghost.

He comes back to his home. He finds his sister in law sitting with the cards. She's making another reading. He walks silently toward her and places the death card next to her. He doesn't want to disturb her.

"Minho." Oh Soo-Mi calls out his name. "Did you see her?"

He sighs. "She's fine."

"It's good if the cards are lying." She unfolds the cards. It's the card of the lover. "Love will blossom in her life soon."

"Your cards are lying again." Choi Minho glances at her, disguising the anger in his tone with annoyance. "She broke up with her boyfriend recently."

Oh Soo-Mi's talent with tarot cards is terrifying. He traced the girl's whereabouts, thanks to these cards. Finding a human girl on the planet with billions of people isn't easy, even if he can read minds. He has watched her grow up without any sign that his brother told him. Maybe, his brother is wrong. She will live a normal life.

But, the cards have been saying odd things recently. That's why he went to check on her again.

"If they are tricking me, there must be a reason." Soo-Mi lets out a low laugh and gives him a knowing glance. "It's better if they are lying."

He's the one who wants it to be a lie. He doesn't want to fall in love with a ghost.


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