The Starlight Ascendency
3 Chapter 3: Tutelage Part 1
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The Starlight Ascendency
Author :JupiterL_Official
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3 Chapter 3: Tutelage Part 1

Acerius is finally four years old, he has done everything he need to do to increase his chances to enter the workshop. Every morning he will do some workout. In previous life, he has done this workout circuit thousands time already. At first, he only start with light workout, but as the time pass he started to increase the intensity. At this age, he was a lot taller than anyone around his age but still slightly short than the requirement to enter the workshop. At this moment, he physical appearance become much more define and his body is growing. The sign of childishness on his face slowly fading away.

At first when he was starting the training, his mother are so worried about him. Days then passed and more and more people started to take noticed.

Today he was jogging around the courtyard like always.

"YOUNG MASTER!, Workin' ard again are ya." One of the patrolling guard greet him.

"HEY, that's not how yer suppose to talk to noble.", reprimanded by the other guard.

For Acerius, this kind of attention and interaction are fun.

' Come to think of it, this is a first time someone other than Mary or Ann interacted like this with me.', pondered Acerius. " I think they are Bruno and David. The burly guy who's greeted me just now should be Bruno, and the lanky and muscular guy who's reprimanded him should be David".

"You two must be David and Bruno." greeted Arecius.

The two guard were stunned after being greeted by Acerius. For them now, it could be their worse dream. " We are sorry Young Master!". Seeing that the two flustered and maybe misunderstood his attention, Acerius quickly added, " Ah don't worry, I'm just here to say hello. Good work for your job. Maybe someday in the future I'll have something for you two to do. Now if you'll excuse me, I have something else to do."

"Ay David, the kid is so smart, talk like adults", whispered Bruno.

"Oi shut yer trap Bruno, he could be heard us. He is a noble kid. Look, his hair are black. Same color as the First King. Not someone you and me could offended." , Retorted David.


' Those two could be of help in the future', thought Acerius.

' I have been in this world for four years already. And there are several things that I have learned. This world has 360 days divided into 10 months.

Each month we have 6 weeks and we have 26 hours for 1 day. I don't know about other territories but this place has four seasons. Then we got the issued with life expectancy. In my old world, the people of same time period have the life expectancy of 30 years old. But here, they have similar life expectancy of modern age Earth.'

Right now Acerius are walking to his room, drowning in his own thoughts. There are so many questions but lacking of answer. He need to search for any book or information regarding this world. For two years he has been looking around and not a single book were found, which left him his father office. But just like life, place with good things are never easy. His father office were always guarded and even family member can't enter without prior approval.

As Acerius was shuffling to his room, a voice was calling for him.

"Young master Acerius! Sorry to disturb you.", Said a young woman in her teens while bowing. Acerius knew this young girl, he was the new maid that her mother employed to play with him. Acerius always find that this kind of things restricted him so he vehemently reject but alas he was defeated by his Mother tears. And thus,most of the time he will escape from her sight.

" Yes Yvonne?", Inquired Acerius.

" Ah yes! Your parents. They want to meet with you. In the common room. They want me to bring you now." answered the brunette girl named Yvonne.

" Then lead the way please."

As the two are walking toward the common room, Acerius took a quick glance at this girl. She was wearing a proper uniform for a maid but she's didn't have the atmosphere of a maid.

Every move she made has certain sharpness to it, like a well made blade.

It didn't take long for them to arrived at the common room.

First thing that Acerius saw when he enter the common room are his mother and father sitting together on a couch. It seems like they are discussing something and quickly quiet down when they saw Acerius entering the common room.

"Rius, you have come. Please have a seat.", Says his father, Arthur as he slightly distancing himself from Aura and patting the empty space.

Acerius briskly walk toward the indicated space. When he was sitting in the couch, his leg was slightly lifted. During this time, Acerius mother will always caresses his hair. He always enjoyed this kind of things, the feeling of soft hands imbued with love that are soothing his heart.

" Acerius, your mother and I just had a discussion. Because you are so smart, we would like to have your debut next year.", explain Arthur calmly. "For that reason, we will invited my close friends to teach you both martial arts and education."

'Education?', Acerius eyes perks when he heard that word. He knew that this is finally the chances for him to gather the information.

Seeing that Acerius just keeping quiet to himself, which sort of unbecoming for him. Her mother quickly added, " It's alright if you think you don't want to, there's no need to rushed things. "

" Ah, no Mother. It's alright, let's do it.", Says Acerius reassuring. Right now he was elated. He need this to grasp his current situation.

" That's great! That's great! Ehem. The tutors will be coming next week." , Arthur said as he was joyfully smiling. Acerius are now wondering why does his ever serious Father smiling this greatly.

After the conversation, Acerius bounced towards his room. His room were too big for a toddler like him, it was too empty. For now, he's trying to keep his head calm and connecting to the Starlight Workshop.


User have yet to reach the minimum height.

All criteria has passed the minimum requirements except for user height. The Workshop are locked for the safety of the user.

Please try again later.

Even after seeing the pop-up in his consciousness, Acerius didn't let it put him down. For now, he will do what he can do.

' Why would I get down. Even before this I don't have anything like the workshop, and I still can thrives and engineered my way through it.', encouraged Acerius as he was talking to himself.

And soon, the week finally come.

It was an uneventful morning like always. It's start with Acerius having breakfast with his family.

And then Acerius will do some light workout befitting his age and physical. And then the afternoon come and so did his tutors.

Acerius was just meditating when a maid called for him, " Young Master Acerius, Your father ask you to go to the common room."

"Ah, yes. I'll be there.",answered Acerius.

Before Acerius come to meet the tutors, he tried to keep his mind steady. Steady mind produced steady result. This is what he gained and learned from his previous life.

When he arrived at the common room, what he saw was an elderly couple and his Father, Arthur.

"Ah finally you have arrived son, let me introduce you to your tutors. This lady here is Bianca Vermonth and the knight here is my dear friend, Chaud Vermonth." ,Introduced his father.

Bianca seems like a lady in her 40's. She was sporting a kind smile and a delicate blue robe. As for the husband, he appeared to be a man of similar age group as his wife. Wearing a brown tunic and a simple single handed sword at his hip. Acerius attention was drawn toward this blade and he then peered into the blade memory.

<Memory Of Life Activated>

Kisneva is one of the 12 series equipments by the most notorious and famous blacksmith of the Dwarf Empire.

As story have told, Kisneva can cut anything as long as the user are strong enough . Kisneva are made from unknown alloy and are known to never dull nor chipped. The only thing that can chipped the blade are equipments made from similar material.

<Memory Ended>

" Lady Bianca is a former court tutor and her husband is the former Striker Knight.", Arthur added. "The two will live here for the duration of your tutelage. Greet them."

Acerius then put his right hand on his left shoulder and slightly bow. This is the greeting that he learned from his mother few days ago. " Hello nice to meet you. My name is Acerius Conellius, I'll be in your care." Seeing that that Acerius was really polite and proper, the couple was really pleased and smile.

"So I'll returned back to my office. Why don't the three of you have the conversation." says Arthur and proceeded to go on his way.

" Hello there Young Master, as your father has introduce, my name is Bianca.", introduced Bianca. Her voice was kind and soft to ears.

"And my name is Chaud." added Chaud. Chaud has a grizzly voice, reminding Acerius to his instructor while he was still a recruit in the Marine.

"Hello, please just call me Acerius or Rius.", Acerius prefer that people called him by name instead of title. He found that it kind of suffocating to have such name when he barely have anything to support that kind of title apart from his birthright. But still, as for preface and his parent dignity, he lets his Father employee to call him young master.

At this moment Acerius didn't know that the arrivals of this tutor will shake his life greatly.


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