The Starlight Ascendency
4 Chapter 4: Tuterlage Part 2
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The Starlight Ascendency
Author :JupiterL_Official
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4 Chapter 4: Tuterlage Part 2

It's been a day since the meeting with the tutors, Bianca and Chaud. According to the pre arrange agreement by the two of them, Bianca will teach Acerius during the day and finally after lunch during the noon Chaud will teach him martial arts.

For Acerius this is the moment he been waiting for since his rebirth. Through Bianca he can finally search for every information he needed and through Chaud he can finally tempered his body.

Currently Acerius are being tutor by Bianca in his room.

"Hello Acerius,why don't we start by introducing ourselves?"

" My name is Bianca Vermonth. As Lord Arthur has introduced me, I'm indeed a royal court tutor. Say,Rius do you know what court tutor do?"

After pondering for awhile, Acerius slowly shake his head, indicating that he didn't know what that job entitled her to do.

" Well you see, royal court tutor must be all-round in term of knowledge for the sole purpose to guide and groom the royal child to become the ruler and some of the most successful royal court tutor can be elevated to become the king advisor. As for me, after Chaud and I got married , the two of us retired and moved to Chaud territory",while looking at Acerius nonchalant response,she continued, "So Acerius before we start, do you know why your father push up your debut early, and what does the debut entitled to?"

Acerius was pondering on how to answer the question. Currently he has some theory on why his Father push up his debut date. Thinking that he didn't have all the necessary information to support his theory, he decided to answer no.

"Well for starter, it seems like the blood of royalty is thick inside you. As a royalty in this kingdom, the darker your hair and eyes is, the larger the chances of you becoming the King. And thus this debut is to tell the world that you are challenging the current contenders to the throne."

'Wow, so thats the real reason? It never really crosses my mind that my Father think of that',thought Acerius.

Seeing the shocked face of Acerius, Bianca chuckled and continued," There will be a competition in the Royal City for all the year debutees. The competition will be separated into three catagories. Knowledge,Etiquette and Martial Art prowess. I'll teach you all the knowledge and etiquette you will need in the future and Chaud my husband will teach you martial arts."

" Now then lets start our class. So Acerius, do you know how to read and write?"

"I'm sorry Mdm.Vermonth. I didn't get the opportunity to read any books before.", answered Acerius honestly.

"Well I guess we should start will alphabet then.",sighed Bianca. She then produce a thick manuscript, a pile of empty vellums and a small stick that what seems like a writing utensil. For Acerius this is the first time since his rebirth that he finally seen the writing utensils of this world. And out of curiosity Acerius invoked the Memory Of Life on the writing utensil.





Bianca introduced each articles one by one. The thick manuscript are written by Bianca since the beginning of her career from the most basic of knowledge such as alphabets and numerical to the deeper knowledge such as herbalogy. As time goes by, Bianca will always added every bits of newer knowledge to her manuscript.

"First let study the alphabet", says Bianca.

It took Acerius several minutes to commit the alphabet to his memory.

He also noticed that the alphabet has reminiscent to the German alphabet. After several minutes to trial and errors, Acerius finally mastered the alphabet which surprise Bianca.

Next he studied the numbering system. This time Acerius was surprised. The numerical system of this world is almost the same as his previous life. Each number from zero to nine has it own number of angle. For example zero has zero angle and nine has nine angles. Seeing that Acerius quickly absorbed the knowledge, Bianca unrestrainedly praised him. Some Acerius also noticed that Bianca mumbled that she hope to have a child like Acerius.

Out of sheer curiousity, Bianca quickly introduced Acerius with this world mathematical symbols and rules and give him a mathematical question.

'Wow, this is the standard of mathematical of this world? Is this what a normal person examination standard?' , Acerius was stunned at the question that Bianca give to him, for one he thought that Bianca will only give him a question similar to the plus or minus or maybe a simple multiplication. But it seems like she give him a highschool level of mathematic questions.Several thought are running in Acerius head,'If this is the level of basic education, he wonders how hard to exam will be. By the time Acerius finish pondering this question, he already finishing the question and submitting it to Bianca.

"It's hard isn't it, even for us royal court tutor it took us several days to answer this question.",quipped Bianca.

"No, Mdm.Vermonth. I finish the question.", answer Acerius innocently.

"You finish it? You are really good at joking around... Wait you really did. How? But? You even answered it correctly."

"Well,enough with that question Mdm.Vermonth. Can I ask some question?", replied Acerius innocently dismissing Bianca entirely. Now he knew the standard of this world mathematic. Its seems like he greatly overestimate it. For now he better pursue something he entirely no nothing about for example this world, he need to make sure that this world is not a world that sit on top of a turtle or the sea that fall to the abyss at the end of the world.

" Well I guess so. So what do you want to ask?"

So the main discussion of the world were finally revealed to Acerius.

This world is call Brunvargh, while the kingdom that we currently live at is called the Kingdom of Mistel. The territory of the kingdom spam for several ten of thousand. Kingdom of Mistel is the third largest human kingdom on this world,the first being the Democratic Cities of Commerce and the Theocratic Kingdom Of Minerva.

According to Bianca, Minerva is the name of the Goddess that give the world safe and peace but they are a fanatic bunch that will not hesitated to kill in the name of religion and condemned anyone that is not human or embracing their religion. Currently, the kingdom of Minerva is at war with smaller countries or tribes all over the world and encroaching towards Mistel territory.

The reason they haven't attack the Kingdom of Mistel is because of the distances and their hesitance to launch the war toward the Dwarf Kingdom or the Elf Kingdom are merely because they didn't have the ability to fight them.

When Acerius ask Bianca regarding the Dwarf Kingdom, she answer with somewhat vague but descriptive answer. It was a kingdom that embodied advancement and kindness and yet the reluctance to share it to the world baffled everyone.

"How about the elf kingdom?",Asked Acerius. His eyes were glimmering with curiosity.

"Well, the Elf are greatly known for their magic and self sustained kingdom. The country are ruled by the High Elf Council . They also never recklessly destroy the nature to sustained their livelihood and only use magic to support their daily life. It seems like they will only use the most destructive of magic when there no other choice other than that.Oh, the elf are also exceptionally beautiful and handsome."

And thus the morning class ended and come the lunch time.


My name is Bianca Vermonth. Several weeks ago a dear mentor of my husband come to us with a favor; to teach his son. When I heard that the son is barely four years old and he trying to pushed the son debut date in one year time, I knew that this is going to be a tall order. But after the persuasion by my husband Chaud, I finally accept the offer. Fast forward few weeks later, we finally arrived at Lord Arthur Castle and meet the boy. It was hard to believe that the boy is so eloquent with his words. And that pitch black hair and eyes that is the marks of royalty, is that the reason why Lord Arthur push the date.

And today is finally the day I teach him. But to my surprise, he didn't know anything!

So I have to start from the beginning, for one year do I have enough time. And my gosh, he absorbed everything that I teach him and in less than 30 minutes, he can read on his own. Is this boy a legendary monster of some kind? And the I decided to put him to one of the royal tutor exam question. The question I gave him required the examinees to solve the question in several days, the record so far took an examinee a whole day to answer, but to think he answer the question in less than a minute and got it correct on top of that. He even look at me innocently, is he really a person that never read a single book before or am I the one who never read a book before.


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