The administrator of the world!
8 The game will begin
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The administrator of the world!
Author :Dorododo
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8 The game will begin

The POV of an unknown person

I was walking down a busy street. It was early in the morning and I had to go to my part time job. Today something was different. He felt that something was going to happen. It was just a feeling, but usually his feelings weren't in the wrong. Once, he had saved his own life by depending on it. But the surrounding people made him release his high alert mode. Suddenly he heard a sound. No, he wasn't the only one, everybody had heard it. This made all the people in street look towards the direction of the sound. It was quite the sight to behold.

There was a hologram of a human. It had a mask, only revealing it's dead fish eyes. Those emotionless eyes made shivers run down my spine. It was like he wasn't looking at people, but ants.

Then it started to speak, it sounded like the voice had been thru something, making the voice seem a little bit weird.

[Hello everyone! Tomorrow a game will begin exactly at seven o'clock. This game is a fantasy type. So everything a fantasy game has, you should have in this game. When the game begins all food and electronics and guns will disappear. Of course this doesn't mean that you can not use guns in the game, it just means that you cannot have a head start by using a gun. So, if you want to use a gun in the game, you will have to make it once the game has already started. One warning, anything except gun will be good in the late game, like a sword. And what I mean by the food disappearing is just that, but don't worry, there will be a magic shop. But the magic shop is empty right now, ain't that sad? Well to fill it, you just have to sell everything you have to it. Doing so will give you the in game currency. It is very important to have in game currency, because the money right now will become worthless.

So, let's make an example. I have a car, and I choose to sell it to the magic shop. Once I sell it I will get the in game currency, and the shop will gain your car to its database. And once it is inside the database you don't have to worry about there not being cars inside the game, because the shop will restock once a month. So let's say there is only one car inside the shop, that means you can buy a car once a month, so better stock up on things like food and electricity as much as you can. Oh and if you sell a thing to the shop that nobody else has sold, then you will get a higher price, of course the same thing applies in reverse. You can only sell items to the shop for this one day and that's it. You can open your shop by saying 'Open shop', and to close it say 'Close shop'. You can use these commands only after this announcement.

Now don't think everything will be all fun and games, no there will be monsters. Every city will have a core. These monsters want that core and they will do anything to get it. Once the monsters have gotten the core, your city will become a monster nest. But, don't be sad, they will not be able to attack until a week after the games release. In this time, hone your skills, by doing so you can get skills. Wow that sounded weird.

Remember that the game will get harder and more complicated as we proceed. Oh, and me, you can just call me the 'Administrator'. Have fun!]

That was it. First a couple people started to laugh, saying that it was some kind of a government prank. But, soon a couple people exclaimed. 'Woah it is real!' They probably just had tested the command words. After that, all hell broke a loose. People started going in to stores, selling everything to the magic shop. Then people started to remove the bricks from the street, and some people even broke window glasses to sell them as well. I, of course was in the same situation. Of course, everyone realised, nothing was going to be the same. There would be no laws in this new world. I took out my phone and checked if the same announcement had been heard everywhere or only here. It seemed that everyone had heard it, and in their native language!

After reading about the havoc happening everywhere I quickly sold my phone to the shop. I started running to my part-time workplace. There was so much to sell there, I had to go and be the first one.

As I ran I felt the gold coins in my pocket.These will be very important, I will have to protect them with my life.

Iniz POV

I was not going to work here like a slave for the rest of my life. Thats why I planned to escape. The best plan to escape this place was when the lord was making the announcement to the world. I had gathered the dokkabies and planned this escape. We had found out that the lord could not leave this place, but that rule did not extend to us.

And now was the time to escape, but we will not be able to live once we leave, as all the lords monsters will come and hunt us down. That is why we will take the first dungeon core with us.

This is the only way. I would be worked or experimented here until I would be dead. And with these dokkaebies and the dungeon core, I will be able to stand against the humans and the lords monsters and dungeons, by making this dungeon core produce others of its kind, and since I will have the original, the serial cores will listen to me.

I will become the next demon king and get enough power to defeat the lord and his sick plans!


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