Unification of the Wizard World
2 Three Eyed Raven
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Unification of the Wizard World
Author :SavageVybz
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2 Three Eyed Raven

The Everlife Castle was located 400 miles south of Hogwarts and 350 miles West of London, either direction 4 hour by broom or flying Carriage. It's was a majestic castle surrounded by dangerous magic forest on three sides. This forest is said to be the resting place of the last known Phoenix Fawkes. All Members in the Everlife family knows the story behind in which the family castle was located here: Years ago a Young lmortal Solomon Everlife, was combing

through a 300 miles radius of the ancient Avalon Sun Down Forest, and lived in his

Animagus form which was a Young Raven Prince. For 6 years he lived in the Forest as a Young Raven Prince learning The angelic language, the language of the birds until he finally got a meet with Fawkes the Phoenix, He promise Fawkes that if He received some Phoenix blood, the last ingredients to the philosophers's Stone, in exchanged he would build his Family Castle in the center of the forest and Protect the Forest for eternity, without disrupting the natural order of the forest.

Avalon Sun Down Forest was said to be home of the rarest birds. Currently gliding above castle Everlife along the sunset was a raven, and that was not an unusual thing at all at Castle Everlife, seeing as the Raven was the sigil of the Everlife house ever since Solomon took up the seat as current Master Of the Everlife house having saying in all matters. The Raven is also the his animagi; During the Blood King War, After King James gain control and disabled the Vampire Army, Solomon took to the night, neither goblin nor elves could sense him morphing back and forth through between an onyx colored feather Raven with a Kingly Aura and a single red talon; And a 6'2 Godly incarceration of Solomon of Old himself, Hair locking up and blocking spells for all sides as if they're omniscience, the philosophers medallion giving off a crimson glow, giving off just enough light to illuminate his silhouette.

Larz's animagi could be said to look exactly like his fathers in his younger days before the Blood Kings War which brought endless changes to Wizard world. The onyx feather Raven was flying south towards six oak like giant trees with auburn and crimson color leaves, in the center of these tree was a giant glass greenhouse. The closer ones flies to the greenhouse the lower the temperature gets. The greenhouse had no doors or windows on any of its sides, Yet Larz flew straight in the octagon formation giant trees, he did two clockwise laps around the greenhouse and then one counter clockwise lap, then shot directly in the greenhouse from the from top, he aimed straight for an obscure shape glass panel phasing right through.

One would be expecting to find trees, beautiful flowers and plants in this odd greenhouse but it was home to a enormous tree seemingly can house giants in the center surrounded by a night sky. The only source of light in this location was what would seem like lava rivers connecting the Old almost rotting enormous tree to the other six Crimson leaf oak leaf tree, all the same size. Any other Wizard would be baffled the natural array before him, but Larz piercing raven eyes was focused on the big cave like entrance in the middle of the tree trunk, Moments later he was gliding into the entrance hot air bellowing up from below.

He walk in with his head lowered to the center of the room morphing back into a young wizard sitting crossed legged.

" It's... about that... time?" A raspy voice from the shadows struggling to complete each word.

"Yes Grandpa Fawkes." Replied Larz

"Who's your grandpa?" Grunted the voice "What are the four physical things in that can repel energy magic?"

"Leprechaun gold, dragon scale and some parts of the skin, the first twenty-five rings of a thousand year old tree, and royal mermaid fins." Replied Larz seriously

The one referred to as Grandpa Fawkes was none other than Fawkes, One of the last known Phoenix, said to be the only true born immortals, No one knows how old Fawkes really was, he goes through rebirth ever 500 years, the one he's currently going through his most trying. More than a century ago Fawkes gave up more three hundred years t of his life in order for Solomon to create the philosopher's stone, Fawkes forces three promises out of Solomon that night via the Unbreakable Vow: The Everlife family was to guard the Avalon Sun Down Forest for as long as there are Everlife walking the earth, Fawkes was going to need to borrow the power of the philosopher's stone for a period 50 years in the future, and Guardianship of Solomon's seventh child. Few people knew about these 3 conditions, Solomon always said Lazarus Everlife was his greatest sacrifice. Solomon had 7 wife's and 7 children, just about all of them share the same trait as of having completely red hair or a bright patch of red hair. This is said to be something brought on by the philosopher's stone running elixir of life through Solomon's vein and it directly altering his bloodline, Only Lazarus hair is completely black, bearing a slight resemblance to Solomon in his younger days.

"Go... back... to your Raven form" said Fawkes from the shadows.

"Yes Grandpa Fawkes" Replied Larz alright reverting back to his Raven animagi, it's was as easy as breathing for him, Only Fawkes, Solomon and Helena Everlife, knew that Lazarus was born in a half animagus State, a little new born baby covered in onyx shining feathers, and the most bizarre thing was the pitch black vertical eye in the center of his forehead, moments later he looked like a regular baby. Other mothers would be horrified by such events, but not Helena, other than Fawkes who's lived for hundreds of years seeing all kinds of wonders being a Phoenix but restricted to the lands, Helena could be said to be a top expert on all matters having an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She knew that it's was extremely for uncommon for something like this to happen but she's read about at least 3 cases in history where this has happened. The three cases are the only three recorded cases in history where a wizards or witches animagi is an actual magical creatures, first record cases was in the medieval era where a witch was born with a hippogriff animagi. The second case was when a young wizard was born a White House animagi rumors said a wet nurse could've sworn she saw a horn on the baby, but the family disappeared the same night, never to be heard from again. There was a legend in Delacour Family that said the first Occamy in history came from their family. Fawkes himself stated he's came across such events 47 times in the 4000+ years he's been alive. Solomon contemplating all these was curious about a black feather magically creature, not being able to think of one. Helena suddenly remembered something she read back that year she took forbidden floors in the Hermione Granger Knowledge Accumulation Pavilion, but she suddenly passed out from exhaustion. Fawkes and Helena had a conversation the next day, Solomon only knew Lazarus animagi was something called the three eyed Raven King. There being nothing in recorded history and Fawkes not willing to give any information on what a Three Eyed Raven King is.

"Still hasn't appeared..." whispered Fawkes, you could hear the disappointment in his voice.

Larz only lowered his beak

" I'll be going through my rebirth quick 5-6 months.... slow 7 months to a year... I've been to too injured to fully my duty towards you... but soon... tell your mother not to use the flames from my formation to forge her things, even tho I do have to admire what she's done to the tri-wizard cup... not a wizard alive remember the spells to control the true flames in that goblet but I do. She might know what you're animagi is but none of them grasp what it means... Your father and your siblings might have a little bit of the power from the stone but you were born pure, more than a hundred years for the stone to fuse with your fathers blood,a perfect mix between the elixir of life and your Everlife bloodline... hahaha... Your ancestor was a crow that stole from a goblin queen and got turned in a human but he could only talk to crows, ironically he fell in love a witch that spoke the angelic language, the language of the birds in which we're speaking right now"

"The animagus in your family can only morph into birds and produce bird like soul charms example the patronus charm. That year when I heard a young raven name with the name Everlife came looking for me, I observed him four years living in raven form learning the angelic language, before I meet him. Your Everlife men die for treasures and shiny things. I gave 200 years of my life cycle crippling my self, rendering myself venerable, I was hoping for something but who would've thought a three eyed raven would be the out come." Mused Fawkes, you could hear the humor and excitement in his struggling breathes

"But master the only thing you've told me about this three eyed raven is that they covet thrones, they have a kings destiny, I don't even want to lead this family" interjected Larz still in raven his raven form looking up, his raven eyes seeing past the dark ilike 15 floors up, spotting a dim light coming from one of the hundred cave like entrances in the wall of this towering tree.

"Do you know why you're Father hunts artifacts and break legends like he does? It's the Everlife bloodline that's the raven in is heart, he might be red now, but it's still black." Said Fawkes. He was always amazes how Larz finds him so quickly in the caverns on the wall of the tree. You should know that darkness right before you can see the caverns is an array meant to block guest from prying up at the Phoenixes when they held counsel.

"Having a kings destiny is not always a good thing, if your third eye ever opens I'll tell you more about the Three Eyed Raven King... for now leave your Raven ring, and tell your mother it's time to craft your wand."

"You're father been doing a decent job training you and how to be a wizard but best spells, jinx and curse both good and bad have been erased from history but I'm still here, once my rebirth is complete and we'll start your true training... I only know one spell that might that might be useful and fun for you right know, I'll store the memory orb in the raven claw ring..."

"Leave me..." Fawkes voice echoed and slowly faded

Larz turn and walked, he knew once Fawkes tells him to leave he couldn't stay.


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