Why i love you?
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Why i love you?
Author :Madimat
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"I live because it's the only thing I can do,"But some would rather die then live."
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"Me I would rather die than live whats the hole point of living if all your going to do is grow up and die some people even die from medical reasons like my dad. So really don't get the hole point of it. People say that the whole point of living is to fall in love, i really don't think that will ever happen to me. You see I'm the type of girl who people stay away from.My childhood friend says i should but my self out there more, but that's easy for him to say he already got married and had 2 kids and here i am 28 with out an boy friend nor husband.

Maybe if I took care of my self more and dress liked I cared I could maybe just maybe get a date. Since I don't care if i lived or not then there is no point of doing it. Although my long, black hair is pretty does not mean it made my face pretty,and my short but tall legs makes it hard to find things to wear. So all i wear is sweats and a T-shirt. Wear i work people don't really care about what i or others wear.because very one wears the the same thing not because of there body shapes like but because they want to. I work with game animation. which i edit and clean up the game before they go out to the public. I fill like making a game would be easier then editing it and cleaning it up when we edit we have to stay up all night, because owe also have to play test the game. Oh how mush i would love to get stuck in a historical game and live my live the way i wanted to {but little did i know to watch what i say or it may happen}.


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