Why i love you?
2 How it all...
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Why i love you?
Author :Madimat
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2 How it all...

While cleaning up this game i had yet to test.I wish the person made these games would edit it there selves.but instead i'm at the office working over time trying to finish or else to tomorrow i will have a pile of work to finish.And again i'm the only one left i the office."i really don't want to be here the forecast on my phone said there was supposed to be thunder and lightning today.I really don't wants to deal with all of this stuff today i barley can keep my eyes open i may have to spend the night the night at the office to night.[why is my computer glitching i don't have time for this]and out nowhere it all went blank.All i could see was black.[i wonder what happened, did the computer electrocute me and then i passed out] [well what ever i need sleep anyway guess i'm going to have a lot of work to do tomorrow.]That was one weird way to go to sleep by getting electrocuted anyway i need to get back to work i have a lot to do and a lot of bills to pay.{gets up , opens eyes} wait where am i where the hell am i.[wait this looks like the historical mmorpg i was editing but how] {walks around}.what the hell i still cant believe this happened.[what do i do, i ave no money with me and i'm in these clothes that don't even go with this mmorpg.][aghh...man what the hell you got to be kidding me.]why do i have to come here there is no point of coming here to this historical,romance game.[i need to find a place to go most of all i meed money$.] Of all the people at the company

why did i have to get sucked into a mmo aghh... this is so frustrating.i'm going to go as some one for help since i cant get out of this hell hole.{that is what she thought it was until she met the love of her life Dong-soo.}

{as she was walking saw this old looking paper that she new a few word on but could not read to the rest.} it said[maid job open...come to the palace.]at that moment i knew what i had to do i had to get that job,but how do i get to the palace.{walks to someone near.}" umm...excuse me do you know how to get to the palace."i asked."上山"{up the hill}The man said."謝謝"{thank you.} Good thing i studied Chinese in high school.


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