Why i love you?
3 Who is the prince...?
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Why i love you?
Author :Madimat
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3 Who is the prince...?

The man told me that the palace was up the hill,you could not miss it.(I wonder what my character is since I'm in a game or do I look the same as I did in the world.)As I stood outside of the palace I wondered why I was here. usually in the dramas and stuff a god seems a them here to learn a lesson.(But what lesson did I need to learn. I was just trying to live life the best possible way I could. Even tho there no point in life.) anyway lets go and try to get this job.As I walked I was stopped by two guards saying I can't go in and that this was the princes maner."let me i'm only here for a maid job."I said "That was hung up over a month ago I sorry but the princes of for a maid has expired."one of the guards said."Let me talk to them in sure that I can change his mind."Sorry miss we can not let you in without the princes concent."the other one said.

"Is she new or something has she not heard the roumers of the Cold Blooded Prince." they said to each other. [She looks counfusedly]."who is the Cold Blooded Prince"she said."the prince obviously."The guards said.( even though he is called the Cold Blooded Prince. That just makes me want to see him even more.) I want to see if he really is a Cold Blooded Prince. If he really is cold blooded.
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